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Facility Location Analysis Resources Incorporating Travel Time

This is a guest blog post by Alan Briggs. Alan is a operations researcher and data scientist at Elder Research. Alan and Harlan Harris (DC2 President and Data Science DC co-organizer) have co-presented a project with location analysis and Meetup … Continue reading

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Flask Mega Meta Tutorial for Data Scientists

Introduction Data science isn’t all statistical modeling, machine learning, and data frames. Eventually, your hard work pays off and you need to give back the data and the results of your analysis; those blinding insights that you and your team … Continue reading

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Ensemble Learning Reading List

Tuesday’s Data Science DC Meetup features GMU graduate student Jay Hyer‘s introduction of Ensemble Learning, a core set of Machine Learning techniques. Here are Jay’s suggestions for readings and resources related to the topic. Attend the Meetup, and follow Jay … Continue reading

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Instructions for deploying an Elasticsearch Cluster with Titan

Elasticsearch is an open source distributed real-time search engine for the cloud. It allows you to deploy a scalable, auto-discovered cluster of nodes, and as search capacity grows, you simple need to add more nodes and the cluster will reorganize … Continue reading

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General Assembly & DC2 Scholarship

The DC2 mission statement emphasises that “Data Community DC is an organization committed to connecting and promoting the work of data professionals…”, ultimately we see DC2 becoming a hub for data scientists interested in exploring new material, advancing their skills, … Continue reading

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Python for Data Analysis: The Landscape of Tutorials

Python has been one of the premier general scripting languages, and a major web development language. Numerical and data analysis and scientific programming developed through the packages Numpy and Scipy, which, along with the visualization package Matplotlib formed the basis … Continue reading

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Data Visualization: Sweave

So you’re a data scientist (statistician, physicist, data miner, machine learning expert, AI guy, etc.) and you have the envious challenge of communicating your ideas and your work to people who have not followed you down your rabbit hole.  Typically … Continue reading

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Data Visualization: New Shiny Packages & Products

Over the past few weeks and months we’ve been exploring the new R web application framework Shiny, how we can develop in it, what its potential is, and what’s new.  As expected, web apps with Shiny are getting very sophisticated, and … Continue reading

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Stepping up to Big Data with R and Python: A Mind Map of All the Packages You Will Ever Need

On May 8, we kicked off the transformation of R Users DC to Statistical Programming DC   (SPDC) with a meetup at iStrategyLabs in Dupont Circle. The meetup, titled “Stepping up to big data with R and Python,” was an … Continue reading

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Beyond Preprocessing – Weakly Inferred Meanings – Part 5

Congrats! This is the final post in our 6 part series! Just in case you have missed any parts, click through to the introduction, part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4. After you have treebanks, then what? The answer is that … Continue reading

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