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Saving Money Using Data Science for Dummies

I’d like to tell you a story about how I made “data science” work for me without writing a single line of code, launching a single data analysis or visualization app, or even looking at a single digit of data. “No, way!”, … Continue reading

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Facility Location Analysis Resources Incorporating Travel Time

This is a guest blog post by Alan Briggs. Alan is a operations researcher and data scientist at Elder Research. Alan and Harlan Harris (DC2 President and Data Science DC co-organizer) have co-presented a project with location analysis and Meetup … Continue reading

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Flask Mega Meta Tutorial for Data Scientists

Introduction Data science isn’t all statistical modeling, machine learning, and data frames. Eventually, your hard work pays off and you need to give back the data and the results of your analysis; those blinding insights that you and your team … Continue reading

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A Tutorial for Deploying a Django Application that Uses Numpy and Scipy to Google Compute Engine Using Apache2 and modwsgi

by Sean Patrick Murphy Introduction This longer-than-initially planned article walks one through the process of deploying a non-standard Django application on a virtual instance provisioned not from Amazon Web Services but from Google Compute Engine. This means we will be … Continue reading

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November Data Science DC Event Review: Identifying Smugglers: Local Outlier Detection in Big Geospatial Data

This is a guest post from Data Science DC Member and quantitative political scientist David J. Elkind. As the November Data Science DC Meetup, Nathan Danneman, Emory University PhD and analytics engineer at Data Tactics, presented an approach to detecting … Continue reading

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Summer research project overview: “Supporting Social Data Research with NoSQL Databases: Comparison of HBase and Riak”

This post is a guest post by an aspiring young member of the Data Community DC who also happens to be looking for an internship. Please see his contact info at the bottom of the post if interested and also … Continue reading

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What is a Hackathon?

Most people have probably heard of the term hackathon in today’s technology landscape. But just because you have heard of it doesn’t necessarily mean you know what it is. Wikipedia defines a hackathon as an event in which computer programmers … Continue reading

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Why You Should Not Build a Recommendation Engine

Recommendation engines are arguably one of the trendiest uses of data science in startups today. How many new apps have you heard of that claim to “learn your tastes”? However, recommendations engines are widely misunderstood both in terms of what … Continue reading

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Data Visualization: From Excel to ???

So you’re an excel wizard, you make the best graphs and charts Microsoft’s classic product has to offer, and you expertly integrate them into your business operations.  Lately you’ve studied up on all the latest uses for data visualization and … Continue reading

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Data Visualization: The Data Industry

In any industry you either provide a service or a product, and data science is no exception.  Although the people who constitute the data science workforce are in many cases rebranded from statistician, physicist, algorithm developer, computer scientist, biologist, or … Continue reading

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