Public Service Annoucement: Think Twice About Upgrading to OSX Mavericks If You Use R Studio

Upgrading to any new operating system can be problematic. However, if you depend on R and R Studio for your living, I would highly recommend NOT upgrading to OS X Mavericks, despite its nonexistent price tag. Personally, I have seen painfully sluggish UI behavior with R Studio 0.97.551 since I updated to the latest version of Mavericks (I have also seen such behavior with Google Chrome, previously the fastest browser by far on my Mac Book Air). Confirming my suspicions was the following helpful blog which I recommend reading:

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Sean Murphy

Senior Scientist and Data Science Consultant at JHU
Sean Patrick Murphy, with degrees in math, electrical engineering, and biomedical engineering and an MBA from Oxford, has served as a senior scientist at Johns Hopkins University for over a decade, advises several startups, and provides learning analytics consulting for EverFi. Previously, he served as the Chief Data Scientist at a series A funded health care analytics firm, and the Director of Research at a boutique graduate educational company. He has also cofounded a big data startup and Data Community DC, a 2,000 member organization of data professionals. Find him on LinkedIn, Twitter, and .
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