Big Data Week 2013

There’s a lot more to the data, statistics, and analytics community than “Big Data.” I’ve argued that focusing on the scale of certain modern data sets can distract from key innovations in statistical and machine learning techniques, visualization and exploration tools, and predictive applications that have revolutionized all of our work in recent years. But there’s no question that the ability to collect, manage, explore, and productize terabyte and petabyte-scale data sets has been revolutionary for those industries that actually have that quantity of information, and has driven broad interest in the value of data and statistical modeling. So, we at Data Community DC are very pleased to be the local organizing partners for Big Data Week 2013.

We're part of Big Data WeekBig Data Week is a global, loosely-coordinated festival of events, April 22nd-28th, organized by folks in London, and with participants in at least 18 cities, including Washington, DC. Locally, we at DC2 decided to use this opportunity as a great excuse to work more closely with other planners of data-related events in the region. In addition to events run by DC2-affiliated Meetups (Data Business DC, Data Science DC Data Science MD, Data Visualization DC, and R Users DC), we’re very pleased to be coordinating with Big Data DC, Open Analytics DC, WINFORMS, and INFORMS MD. Together, we’ll be bringing you about ten events over eleven days, all themed in some way around big data!

Here’s what you need to know:

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Harlan Harris is the Co-Founder and current President of Data Community DC, and is Co-Founder and lead organizer of the Data Science DC Meetup. He has a PhD in Computer Science (Machine Learning), and did post-doctoral work in Cognitive Psychology at several universities. He has worked at Kaplan Test Prep, Sentrana, Inc., and is currently Director of Data Science at the Education Advisory Board.

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  • Chad Robinson

    The happy hour is now confirmed for Blackfinn in DC from 5 pm to 8 pm!