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Create Data-Driven Tools that May Improve Diabetes Care for a Chance to Win $100K

This post is being reblogged by DC2 as it looked like a pretty worthy cause. The original author was Dwayne Spradlin. In 2011, McKinsey Global Institute put out a study that projected, “If U.S. healthcare were to use big data … Continue reading

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Data Visualization: Shiny Clusters

Clustering is about recognizing associations between data points, which we can easily visualize using different forcegraph layout structures (fructerman, reingold, circle, etc.).  Exploring data is about understanding how different data associations change the overall structure of the data corpus.  With … Continue reading

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Data Scientists Clash with Publishers – Local Expert Comment on the Debate

There is a fascinating debate raging in the world of web-scale text processing with  “[s]cientists and publishers clash[ing] over licences that would let machines read research papers.”  To get started, head over to Nature here and get the story’s background. Once … Continue reading

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What does $100K Buy in Terms of Compute Time? GCE and EC2 square off against big iron.

Introduction Let’s say you have a $100,000 to spend this year to crunch numbers, a lot of numbers. How much compute time does that buy? In this article, I am going to try to answer that question, comparing the outright … Continue reading

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Python vs R vs SPSS … Can’t All Programmers Just Get Along?

Programmers have long been very proud and loyal with their tools, and often very vocal. This has led to well-contested rivalries and “fights” about which tool is better: emacs or vi; Java or C++; Perl or Python; Django or Rails; … Continue reading

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Weekly Round-Up: CIA Big Data, Unifying Mean/Median/Mode, New Data Startups, and Naked Statistics

Welcome back to the round-up, an overview of the most interesting data science, statistics, and analytics articles of the past week. This week, we have 4 fascinating articles ranging in topics from data startups to statistics lessons. In this week’s … Continue reading

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Data Visualization: Better Events & Education

There is a new approach to education in this country where data is used to accelerate learning; great examples include Apps4VA, EverFi, Unbound Concepts, and New York’s Education Data Portal. Unfortunately this same trend is not being as widely applied … Continue reading

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A New Look and Feel for Data Community DC!

We at DC2 are exceedingly happy to present our new look! We have a new logo, to capture better the ideas behind Data Community DC, and we have a new WordPress theme, which is cleaner, more compact, and faster to … Continue reading

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Politics and power: Americans who vote more use 7-10% less electricity

This is a guest cross-post by Barry Fischer, the Head Writer/Editor of Arlington-based Opower’s big-data and energy blog, “Outlier,” which leverages energy usage data across 50 million US households. You can follow Barry on Twitter @OpowerOutlier. Three out of four voters … Continue reading

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Cloudera Impala Talk Notes – Near Real Time Big Data Querying for the Masses

At the KickOff event for the Data Science MD meetup, we had the amazing good fortune to have a veteran big data practitioner, Wayne Wheeles, talk about his experiences as a two-week, impromptu Cloudera Impala beta-tester and evaluator. Below is … Continue reading

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